Food allergyAllergy

If you are diagnosed or have a problem with food allergy, then you can simply manage it.


Talk with your doctor, dietician or nutritionist then follow their advice.

Is it costly for you? Do you have enough opportunities or not?

Let’s try personally following things to manage food allergies.

  1. Do not avoid all foods that cause food allergies.
  2. To identify the responsible food(s), first, you need to know all food items taken after observing allergic symptoms. So, make a list.
  3. Then consume individual items separately from the list to identify the food causing food allergies.
  4. Avoid that food for a specific period such as 3-6 months.
  5. Reintroduce that food after that time.
  6. Based on the responses avoid that food for short or long term.
  7. …..

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By Md. Khurshidul Zahid, Ph.D.

Md. Khurshidul Zahid Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science (INFS) of The University of Dhaka (DU) of Bangladesh. He has completed his Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Texas Tech University (TTU), USA. He was a finalist in the Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science Competition organized by the American Society of Nutrition (ASN), Experimental Biology (EB) meeting held in Boston in 2015. He was also awarded a gold medal by “Professor Dr. Quazi Salamatullah trust foundation” of INFS, DU in 2005.

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