Key Nutritional Messages

Let’s learn some key messages to improve the quality and standard of living-

  1. KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice)Transition is difficult, time-consuming but possible.
  2. Food, Health, and Care are three essential components to achieve and maintain nutritional status. Inadequate or missing any or more components may make you nutritionally vulnerable.
  3. Adequate dietary fiber, plenty of fluids, and physical activity may prevent your constipation. Make the best utilization of existing and available resources to you.
  4. For a normal person, it is wise to consume sugar sparingly (as much as needed, required, or recommended) than avoiding or limiting its consumption.
  5. For a normal person, a diversified and balanced diet having preferred foods is more effective and sustainable in weight management in the long term than a diet chart.
  6. Do not avoid all types of foods that may cause food allergies. It is better to avoid specific food(s) which is responsible for your food allergy.
  7. Cheap, and specific nutritional services (which may be delivered by a less educated person) should be widely available and accessible to general, or mass people. These would be more effective than limited, costly, and specialized nutritional services (by highly educated persons).
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